Rescue work continues: a lot of people have been locked inside after the bus overturned, reports the British newspaper Sunday Express.

One of the largest accidents in recent years occurred in the province of Tarragona (Autonomous region of Catalonia). TASS with reference to information of the interior Ministry reports that around 06:00 local time (08:00 GMT.) about Amposta bus with students went into the oncoming lane, where collided with a car and overturned. According to some reports, leaving the opposite lane was preceded by contact with another car — after that, the bus drove into the barrier and struck him.

It is noted that most of the dead were foreign students from the University of Barcelona, who arrived in Spain on the European program of student exchange "Erasmus". Among the victims are young people aged 22 to 29 years old from Spain, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey and Ukraine.

The bus was traveling from the annual festival of Las Fallas in Valencia.

The track where the accident occurred, closed.