The Heist, which became the largest in Spain in decades, according to the publication, occurred in June 2015. The paintings were stolen in the centre of Madrid from the house of the man whose name is not revealed. Known only the initials of the owner of the paintings (J. C. B.), and the fact that he was a Spaniard by nationality, friend and heir of bacon, who died in Madrid in 1992.

El Pais also notes that the crime occurred in a well-guarded upscale area of the capital, the house itself is located next to the building of the Senate of Spain. Thieves took advantage of the absence of owners in the house, nor porter, nor the neighbors did not notice anything.

CCTV camera in the house was absent, and the alarm, the criminals were able to block. In addition to paintings thieves have taken and other valuables.

The owner contacted the police immediately after the robbery, but all that time was kept secret and became known only now.

Searches of criminals are conducted in Spain and abroad, but has not yet yielded results. According to the basic version of the investigation, the paintings are still in the Kingdom.

English artist Francis bacon is considered one of the most famous masters of XX century. Art historians see in the paintings of bacon, the influence of Picasso, the Surrealists and the German expressionists, however, the artist himself claimed that he's just a realist.