Elephant male, 20-25 years of distinguished aggressive behavior and attacking people in Jharkhand, where in March of this year his victims were 11 people, 4 people were killed by them in the neighboring state of Bihar. Local residents have long demanded from local authorities to take action against a dangerous animal.

However, to quickly resolve the problem has failed: the country has legislation for the protection Robotnik, hunting them is strictly forbidden and requires a special decision of the authorities for the destruction of violent animals. But do not stop the attack of elephants on people has forced the authorities to decide on an extreme measure.

According to TV channel, to hunt the raging giant was invited to the famous in India Shikari (hunter) animals that pose a threat to humans, Shafath Ali Khan and his aides. First, the hunters shot the elephant with a bullet-with a syringe with a tranquilizer, however, according to media reports, this did not calm the violent elephant. So the decision was made to shoot the animal.

Khan said that it was the seventh elephant, which he killed during his career, Shikari, adding that in the past, he also killed five man-eating tigers and eight leopards, which posed a danger to people. The authorities buried the murdered hunters of the elephant in accordance with the customs (that his soul is not harmed local residents) and sawed the tusks to the grave won't be disturbed by hunters for their ivory.

According to various estimates, India is home to about 30 thousand wild elephants. Their natural habitat is steadily decreasing - villages and fields come to the jungle and the animals sometimes begin to attack the peasants.