• In Jerusalem, the Holy fire descended

  • After convergence, the Patriarch gave the Shrine to the faithful, who lit her bundles of 33 candles

    Thousands of people on Holy Saturday witnessed the Holy fire in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

    Holy fire appeared in the Edicule (a small chapel, built, as is, over the burial place of Jesus) during the prayers of the Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem, as it happens every year before Orthodox Easter.

    After the convergence of fire Patriarch gave the Shrine to the faithful, who lit her bundles of 33 candles – the age of Christ.

    The convergence of fire was preceded by a complex ceremony: the doors of the Edicule sealed large wax seal as a sign that her inspection is over and there is nothing that would allow the Jerusalem Patriarch to light a fire by conventional means.

    By this time the Church was filled to overflowing with believers – as the local Orthodox Arabs and pilgrims from different countries. Large groups of the faithful traditionally come in these days to the Holy Land from countries of the former Soviet Union.

    Shortly after sealing Edicule in the temple ran in Orthodox Arab youth, whose presence is mandatory. Young people sat on the shoulders of each other, asking the mother of God and of the Lord, that they bestowed the Holy fire, and shouting: "Our faith is right, our faith – Orthodox".

    Shortly before the arrival of the Patriarch Theophilus was removed the seal from the door of the Edicule, and the cave made a large icon lamp and 33 candles. Then the Patriarch went inside, and came waiting. Those present prayed for to grant the fire. The prayer lasted as long as this event did not happen.

    As reported, tonight, the Holy fire will be delivered to Ukraine.

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