The L-410 aircraft, carrying out flight from Khabarovsk, crashed while landing at the airport of the village Nelkan. According to local authorities, on Board were two crew members and seven passengers,

According to preliminary data, eight people died. Survived 4-year-old child, reported "Interfax" the head of the Ayano-Maysky district Alexei Ivliev. "There is such information, the plane crash. Fell near 13:00. There were seven passengers, two crew members. Survived a child of four years," said the official.

Rescuers recovered from under the wreckage of the crashed plane, dead bodies, the source said "Interfax". "Also discovered living child. He was hospitalized," — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to the source, the plane of the Czech production, maximum capacity of 19 people, belonged to "the Khabarovsk airlines".

According to preliminary data, the cause of the accident was crew error. The pilots might incorrectly calculate the distance to the ground during landing in adverse weather conditions, have informed "Interfax" a source in operational staff on elimination of consequences of emergencies.

"The plane went into the ground at high speed. Pre-pilots in bad weather began late landing, misjudged the distance to the ground and sent the plane into the ground at high speed," said the source.

"Khabarovsk airlines" state regional unitary enterprise, specializing in regional transportation in Khabarovsk Krai. Principal activities — transportation of passengers and goods by regional scheduled and Charter routes.

Let L-410 "Turbolet" (L-410) — multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft for local airlines. Designed for use on unprepared ground, grass, snow sites, and airfields with short runways. Can carry up to 19 passengers or 1.8 thousand kg of cargo a distance of up to 1500 km.