• In the Himalayas found the body of the missing 16 years ago climbers

  • Bodies of climbers Alex Lowe and David bridges were found in a glacier after 16 years.

    In October 1999, the Fishing and the operator a Bridges, who filmed the ascent athlete to the peak Shishapangma a height of more than 8 thousand meters, died as a result of an avalanche.

    Last week their bodies were found by two climbers. According to a post on the Foundation's website Alex Lowe, alpinists who discovered the body, called the widow of Alex Lowe and said that supposedly found the missing 16 years ago athletes. She made a positive identification on equipment and clothing.

    The wife of climber Jennifer Lowe-Anker said that the body is gradually frozen into the glacier and are still in the same place. Now she, along with her sons are planning to visit the place of death of husband.

    40-summer Fishing was considered one of the best climbers of his generation. He was known for having saved the other athletes. The popularity he acquired in particular thanks to the fact that broadcast their achievements on the Internet. He and 29-year-old bridges were close friends and often went to mountains together.

    Along with the Fishing and the Bridges got under an avalanche and Conrad Anker, who two years later married the widow Love. He was injured, but survived.

    Shishapangma is considered to be the 14th highest mountain in the world.

    Source: Russian service Bi-bi-si


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