Demonstrators on Saturday morning blocked the street near the Congress of the conservative party "Alternative for Germany". Protesters burned tires and blocked the road with a human chain, followed by clashes with the police which lasted about four hours.

The party criticizes the immigration policy of Germany, offering not to let uneducated people from other countries who are not able to adapt to modern society and to work for the good of Germany. The protesters chanted "refugees can stay, the Nazis must go!", when the conference hall was approached by representatives of the "Alternative".

"Police arrested 400 violent protesters, who threw stones at police and firecrackers", told Reuters a police spokesman Lambert Mouth. According to him, to disperse the demonstrators the police used tear gas and water cannons. "There were no injuries, only a few incidents of eye irritation from pepper spray, the officer noted.

It is reported that some protesters managed to attack multiple party members. In connection with the riots party Congress opened late.

The speech of the people against the party shows a growing social tension in Germany, where last year net profit of about one million migrants.