This year for four months AS "Sadales tīkls" registered 187 of mains failure associated with performance of household chores: 80 times was broken wires of overhead lines, 23 times — suffered the supports of overhead lines, 39 times — the cable line while performing excavation work, and 46 times corrupted by technology or visual ground facilities — transformer substations, cables and distribution boards account.

Unfortunately, such careless and irresponsible actions can lead to tragic consequences, as in contact of technology with the electrical infrastructure of lethal damage to the driver and other persons approaching the scene. In addition, such unanticipated damage to the mains significantly affect the daily work AS "Sadales tīkls" because employees must stop planned work on the maintenance and improvement of the mains and sent at the place of accident as quickly as you can to eliminate the threat to residents and restore electricity to customers. To restore the grid, the company requires additional resources, and should also be forced to disconnect customers from the electricity that the city or other settlement affects up to 1000 customers. This year, such damage to the mains related to the implementation of economic activities, caused AS "Sadales tīkls" damages in the amount of 69 thousand euros.

Planning work near power lines, one should observe the Law on protection strips, according to which the protective strips of electric lines is impossible to work with the technique, the height of which exceeds 4.5 metres from the ground surface. In cases where the height of the equipment, which is necessary to carry out the chores in the protective strips, more than 4.5 meters, the planned work must be agreed with AS "Sadales tīkls", as in these cases, you can arrange the disconnection of lines. AS "Sadales tīkls" calls to inform his work at least a month in advance and if necessary to warn customers, the supply of which is stopped due to disconnection of power lines.

Security measures you need to follow in conducting excavation work, because of damage of cable lines often arise during the execution of uncoordinated excavation, and also failure to comply with the technological requirements and security requirements. Before excavation it is important to know what utilities are in the planned location of the excavation, as in the process of the planned reconstruction of overhead lines and convert them to a cable line, not only changes the total volume of cable lines, but also their location. In addition, an increase in the proportion of underground utilities of performers chores must simultaneously improve the quality of earthworks, strictly observing the requirements of regulations and after receiving necessary approvals.

Even with small mechanical damage to the outer jacket of the cable it can get water, which ruins the insulation and causes short circuits and interruptions in power supply to customers. In addition, such a damage of the cable line can cause high voltage that, in turn, can serve not only cause additional damage to the mains AS "Sadales tīkls", and damage to equipment customers. Everyone should remember that the Law on protective belts prohibits excavation with machinery closer than 1 meter from the cable line, and in forests closer to 1.5 meters. During excavation works at a depth of over 30 inches, the contractor must obtain written permission from AS "Sadales tīkls" and agree on earthworks in stroyprofi local government.

The requirements of the Law on protective strips must be followed by all owners of utilities, including municipal corporations who conduct daily maintenance of municipal communications!

If close to electricity infrastructure any dangerous situation or accident, AS "Sadales tīkls" immediately calls to report this, at free phone enterprise for application Troubleshooting 8 404 or the State fire and rescue service on the phone 112!