"We have many patients who speak Estonian is not enough to understand complex medical texts. This increases the risk of incorrect use of medicines. Therefore we will provide in the near future the most common medicines information in Russian and English", — said the Minister of social Affairs of Estonia Eugene Osinovsky.

In addition, the Estonian government agreed that starting in 2017 the employer will have the opportunity to voluntarily pay the second and third days of sick leave without payment of social tax.

"Target tax cuts to motivate employers to offset first days of sick leave and thereby protect the health of workers. It is no secret that today, thousands of people go to work sick, so as not to lose the salary. This is not correct, because from the side of the state reasonably to take steps to meet the employer and not to consider these costs as an additional benefit," the Minister explained.

By law, ER, the employer is obliged to compensate the employee of the hospital from 4 to 8 a day, then compensation takes over the health insurance Fund.