Three-week goal of the exercise is to assess the skills of an infantry battalion troops before urgent transfer them to the reserve.

Columns of the defence Forces will move to the exercises may 2 from Tapa, may 3, in addition to being in Tapa and võru units will move to the locations of the "Spring storm" is located in jõhvi and Tallinn units.

Only the current exercise will involve ten countries apart from the Baltic States and the Netherlands their units the size of a company on the exercise will send US, UK and Germany. Also Germany and Poland will send a commanders air, fire, Finland — staff officers, and Canada — professional team.

During the "Spring storm" will involve Polish attack aircraft Su-22 and American F15 fighter jets, transport helicopters CH-47 Chinook and the convertiplane V-22 Osprey. The exercise will also take part stationed in ameri British Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets.

The final build of the exercises will be held may 19 at the airport ridal.