"Walking around everywhere, rushing under wheels of cars", — says the owner of the farm Andre vare.

The owner of the farm ridal in Laanemaa Valdi Kruusmaa this year because of the jackals lost about 200 sheep. The man complains that he does not remain anything, except how to tie a sheep and go to cows, however, will require large financial investments.

According to Kruusmaa, the only possibility to save the livestock year — round to shoot the jackals, but it is necessary to amend the law on hunting, a number of amendments, which the state has not yet done. According to him, the problem faced by many other farmers.

According to the press-Secretary of the Ministry of the environment of Estonia Kadri Kauksi, against the jackals are subject to the same rules as for other small predators, e.g., foxes.

"Expenditures for any small predators, the consequences will not be refunded, because hunting them is not limited quantitatively," said Kaysie. She added that this year the hunting of jackals was extended by two months.

"Despite the lack of redress, you need certainly to report the offense the jackals, as on this basis are issued a special permit for additional shooting", — said Kauksi.