If the assumptions of scientists confirmed, this would be the greatest discovery in Egyptian archaeology.

At a press conference on Thursday, March 17, Damati said that the scan analysis of Tutankhamun's tomb in November of last year, showed the presence of empty spaces for the two walls of the burial chamber of the Pharaoh. According to him, the scan results indicate "various objects behind walls, the various materials that may be metallic, organic".

Damati said that held in November, the scan with a probability of 90% indicates that behind the walls of the tomb's something there. Data analysis the study was conducted in Japan.

In late March an international team of scientists plans to conduct another scan with the use of better technology. It should confirm the presence of voids behind walls, then, according to the Minister, will discuss the issue of access to these areas.

"We're 90% sure that the room is there. But the next phase will begin only when we sure about it 100%," said Damaty.

British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves, who heads the investigation, says that initially in the tomb of Tutankhamen was buried Nefertiti. According to the scientist, now her body is behind the wall of the burial chamber of the Pharaoh.