Orchestra "Moscow Virtuosi" differs from other chamber orchestras, above all, an impeccable, virtuosic musicianship, attention to detail and nuances, gentle, not formal, active, creative attitude towards design, vivid artistry, and love, as performed pieces, and came to the concert to the public. For us, says Vladimir Spivakov, creativity has become a necessity, and the work of art which, in the words of Pablo Picasso, "washes away the dust of everyday life from the soul".

At the concert in the "Dzintari" will feature music of Astor Piazzolla — the music of love, passion and sadness. The music is incredibly lyrical, impetuous, bright, shrouded in mystery. Each performance of "Virtuosos of Moscow" manage the main thing: to excite emotionally and intellectually captivate any, even the unprepared person, to give him the joy of communicating with the musical masterpieces, to excite in him a desire to come again for the concert.

In 1979, an outstanding virtuoso violinist Vladimir Spivakov asked the musicians of the first part of "Moscow Virtuosi" with the words: "We gathered to love people and to love each other".

Principles of existence of the legendary camaraderie of the musicians are still the same today. An all-star cast of soloists and accompanists the best symphonic and chamber orchestras of the capital, which was made by the participants of the Quartet. Borodin: Mikhail Kopelman, Andrei Abramenkov, Dmitri Shebalin and Valentin Berlinsky, passed the baton to new generations of talented musicians, winners of national and international competitions. And always come first in importance were and remain not only professionalism and skill, but also the human qualities of people, high ethics of relations.

Its permanent artistic Director, chief conductor and soloist of chamber orchestra "virtuosos of Moscow" since the moment of its creation is an outstanding violinist, conductor and philanthropist, a prominent public figure Vladimir Spivakov. Thanks to Maestro Spivakov and his long and hard work with the orchestra, "Moscow Virtuosi" is definitely among the best chamber orchestras in the world, has everywhere constant and appreciative audience and the higher the reputation which was won by years of hard and creative work.

Photo - the press service of the organizers of the concert.