Festival of Russian films in the House of Moscow

The film is "After you" (2016). Drama. 120 minutes

23 and on may 27 19:00

Director Anna Matisson
Producer Sergey Bezrukov
In roles: Sergey Bezrukov, Alena Babenko, Vladimir Menshov.

..."To do something, or need from birth to be desperate, or that circumstances have become desperate." Thinks Alexey Temnikov, put life in those desperate circumstances, when there is only one thing: "What will I leave behind?" Question, important for any man, aggravated to the limit of what Temnikov — brilliant dancer unable to dance. The injury on the scene 20 years ago and interrupted his career progresses...

The whole staging of the ballet "Symphony in 3 movements" was filmed almost in a documentary mode during these rehearsals. The ballet "Symphony in 3 movements" is really included in the repertoire of the Mariinsky theatre. Maestro Valery Gergiev starred as himself in two episodes.

The movie "first Time" (2017). 140 minutes. Slogan: "Raise your head.!"

24 may at 19:00, 27 may 16:00

Director Dmitry Kiselev
Starring: Yevgeny Mironov, Konstantin Khabensky, Vladimir Ilyin, Alexander Ursulyak.

...60-E. the height of the cold war. The two superpowers, USSR and USA are fighting for supremacy in the space race. While the Soviet Union is ahead, the turn — out in open space.

Two weeks before the start of the test ship explodes. Time to identify no reasons. And let the risks are huge, we can't give up the lead.

Experienced military pilot Pavel Belyaev and his partner Alexei Leonov, raw and hot, dreaming about the feat, two people, ready to step into the unknown. But no one could even imagine just what they would face in flight. In this mission everything went wrong...

The film "Queen of Spades" (2016). Thriller. 120 minutes

25 may at 19:00, 28 may 16:10

Director Pavel Lungin
Starring: Kseniya Rappoport, Ivan Yankovsky, Vladimir Simonov.

...Opera diva Sophia Meyer after long years of exile he returned to Russia. The singer intends to put "Queen of spades" by Tchaikovsky on stage, where he debuted. The play, no doubt, will be the event of the season, and all the actors performances will Wake up famous. Of fame and money wants the young singer of the Mariinsky Opera Andrei, and the Queen of spades for him, the chance to achieve. He is willing to do anything to get the role of Herman, and Sophia realizes that left to themselves the role of the Countess. Opera diva begins to play...

The film "the Green carriage" (2015). 93 minutes. The slogan "Life is just another movie"

26 may at 19:00, 28 may 14:15

Director Oleg Asadulin
Starring: Andrey Merzlikin, Victoria Isakov, Sergey Yushkevich, Vladimir Menshov.

...Vadim Raevskiy — known Director who has everything: money, beautiful women, universally recognized. His new film nominated for "Oscar". It seemed that the good luck she pursues him, but it always will be favorable to him? Literally in an instant his familiar world is crumbling. Vadim is trying to understand what had happened, but the farther he goes in his investigation, the more shocking details he offers...

The premiere of the cartoon "Three heroes and the king of the Sea"

27 may 11:30

The movie "Paradise" (2016). Russia/Germany

27 may 13:20

Director: Andrei Konchalovsky
Scenario: Andrei Konchalovsky and Elena Kiseleva
Actors: Yuliya Vysotskaya, Christian Klaus, Philip Duchen, Viktor Sukhorukov, Peter Kurt.

В Доме Москвы - фестиваль новых российских фильмов (репертуар)
Foto: Sputnik/Scanpix

"My film is a meditation on the twentieth century, full of illusions, turned into nothing. This is a film about the dangers of the rhetoric of hatred and that only the power of love can defeat the Evil", - says Andrey Konchalovsky.

The movie "Ray" - winner of the Venice and other prestigious film festivals, laureate of the prize "Golden eagle" and "Nika" - three awards (Best film, Best Director, Best actress) nominee premiyu "Oscar".

The film "the Monk and the demon" (2016). Comedy. 113 minutes

28 may 12:00

Director Nikolai Dostal
Cast: Roman Madyanov,Timofey Tribunal, Georgy Fetisov.

..."The monk and the demon" - the movie about the nature of Holiness and faith. For this nature, according to Dostal, the answer is not so much the earthly religious institutions like churches and monasteries, how many specific people, which in the case of demon, not re the fact that an impossible task.

Strong script, good directing, good acting. In the movie there is a philosophical subtext, and some powerful messages, and a dozen other quotes that have it now and elevated to the rank of aphorisms. And even a decent portion of open and veiled barbs to address the eternal problems of Russia, where not only fools and roads. Sometimes Comedy, sometimes drama, sometimes a tragedy.

Misadventures in a distant monastery, where he clashed the local Abbot had the monk the miracle worker, presented all smiles and engaging conversations aboriginal Yes, somewhere in the epic of Russia. Ivan Semenov, the son, the rector, the Archbishop, the monks, the devil—the characters of one brighter than another Light, easy movie unusual genre...

В Доме Москвы - фестиваль новых российских фильмов (репертуар)
Foto: the Monk and the demon

Photo - press-service of the Moscow House