"Friends, this historic day has come. Donetsk national Republic officially started issuing passports DNR our citizens. This is another, important step on the path of state-building, towards the development of the Republic. And today I announce the issuance of passports DND", — said Zakharchenko.

Question about the possibility of introducing in their own passports DNR has previously raised many times. In particular, in August 2015 Zakharchenko confirmed that this issue is under discussion, but the decisions at that time was not accepted.

In January of this year, the authorities DND has officially stated that it will soon begin issuing passports to citizens of the national sample.

In December last year in DPR and LPR following the example of Russia has created the analog of the pioneer movement. It was named in honor of Alexander Zakharchenko. At the event in "Zaharova" has devoted several hundred teenagers. Instead, they were given the icon Zakharchenko. Was used and a historical symbol: a red tie, like pioneers, too, it is desirable to wear (but not necessarily).

In Kiev declare that the residents self-proclaimed DND and LNR will be able to use the visa-free regime of Ukraine with the EU only after the return of territories under the control of Kiev.