Inventor and owner of the boat pulled from the water and sent ashore. His submarine sank, said the source Agency. It was one of the world's largest submarines. In search of the ship went the divers, said Jens møller from Copenhagen police.

Newspaper the Copenhagen Post wrote, citing a police source, that Swedish journalist Anna Goransson aboard "Nautilus", is missing. The Swedish journalist who was on Board the submarine, according to Madsen, landed in Copenhagen on Thursday evening. The inventor said that he is one on Board, so the inspection of the submarine was carried out.

Meanwhile, it is known only from the words of the engineer, the TV channel TV2 reports that it has not yet been found. The ship sank due to technical problems with the ballast tank, said the inventor.

The military discovered the drifting submarine in the early morning, coincidentally on the anniversary of the death of the Russian submarine "Kursk".

Submarine was built by the fans for donations. 46-year-old Madsen — engineer, specialist in aerospace engineering, inventor and Builder of submarines continues to help police in the investigation.

In 2007, off the coast of the Danish Peninsula Jutland sank Soviet submarine project 613 (NATO classification — Whiskey). The owner of the boat was the owner of the technical Museum in Thailand, who once bought it in Russia and wanted to make an exhibit.