As reported by Delfi in the city hall, the houses on the street Mironescu is planned to be built next to the already owned by the Riga city Council four rental residential houses in 2014. There are also two social and one municipal rental house. As a result of successful implementation of the project in Bolderaja appears the neighborhood with 12 houses, which serves the enterprise " Rīgas Pilsētbūvnieks.

The Department of the message of the Riga city Council ordered the reconstruction project for the street Mironescu, during which fully resolved the issue of the entrance to the residential complex.

The building will be a five-storey, and will house a total of 276 one-bedroom apartments, territorial center of Riga social service, and health center. The area of apartments in new social homes will be 20-25 sq. meters, since such housing is most in demand. Currently, more than 70% of requests for housing from persons standing in the queue for social housing, falls into the one-bedroom apartments.

Proceed to the construction of buildings is planned in the spring of next year, if no delays occur in the procurement procedure. Commissioning of buildings in operation may occur two years after commencement of construction.

The project will be the second phase, during which it is planned to build two nine-storey social house with about 400 apartments. The decision about the second phase members of the Committee will be taken separately.

The decision still has to approve the Riga city Council.