According to Reuters, the demonstration is carried out by the supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr, the radical Shia preacher, after the Iraq war, spoke out against the United States.

The procession was supposed to be peaceful, although security at the entrance to the "green zone" reported to the correspondent of Agency that the participants no one was searched. They just jumped the fence separating the Central protected part of the city from the rest of its territory.

The protesters crossed a bridge over the Tigris river, chanting: "Run, cowards!" — apparently, the address of the outgoing Parliament of legislators. Also the footage broadcast heard cries that the demonstration "peaceful".

Rudaw, meanwhile, reports that the participants burned at least one car.

TASS indicates that supporters of as-Sadr came out to protest against the adjournment of the meeting of the legislature devoted to vote on the composition of the new Council of Ministers (government). Because of sharp disagreements elected officials can't spend is a vote for more than two weeks, compounding the political crisis in the country.

In the fortified "green zone" of Baghdad and the location of most government institutions, as well as embassies and diplomatic missions.