The forum participants discussed the development of transport and logistic routes in Eurasia and global competitiveness in a changing economic circumstances.

A significant part of the discussion was devoted to the historical competition of sea and land transport corridor East–West. Panelists discussed the latest trends in the global markets and their impact on transcontinental routes, considered ways to increase the efficiency of multimodal transport and the role of cooperation in the development of international transport corridors. The discussion was attended by the head of the Kazakh Ministry of investment and development, the Minister of internal Affairs of the country, the Ambassador of China in Kazakhstan, and also heads of the Azerbaijani and Georgian rail companies, other industry representatives.

During the forum experts also analyzed the relationship between the potential for economic development and models of development of infrastructure, discussed the optimal model of development of transport infrastructure and attracting private capital to infrastructure development projects. Her experience in the contribution of private capital in this session shared as entrepreneurs from China and Russia.

In turn, the final part of the conference dealt with the mutual cooperation of enterprises of transport and logistics and multimodal transportation development. Special attention was paid to new challenges and opportunities of the Eurasian region in connection with the routes to Iran, Turkey and the middle East.

"In the framework of the forum we introduced the partners for co-operation with the Latvian pavilion at the exhibition "Astana Expo 2017", the welcomed guests, — said the Chairman of the Board of LTD "LDz Loģistika" Werner Lusis. — Special interest in Latvian ports showed the international logistics company DHL. Also during the event, we made new contacts with officials of the Chinese province of Chengdu, expanding prospects of cooperation in the Chinese direction".

About the forum "New silk road" was widely notified and Kazakh mass media, emphasizing that it was attended by the elite of the world experts on the economy: