Who will lead the program, which will air on Monday at 19:50 Moscow time, it is not clear from the announcement.

"The main intrigue of the summer. "Let them talk". Tomorrow at First" - said in the video, which demonstrates in the air on Sunday.

About the possible resignation of Andrei Malakhov from the First channel became known in the end of July. Sources said bi-Bi-si, the cause of the conflict was the desire of the management to add to the talk shows more political topics.

The media immediately began to appear the names of candidates for the position of Malakhov in the event of his departure. As one of the candidates was called a newscaster on the First channel Dmitry Borisov.

Last Friday, the TV channel "Rain" released footage of the new release "Let them talk", where the role of the leading advocates Borisov, and dedicated to broadcasting Malakhov, who is in the Studio.

Sources the channel reported that the final decision is still pending: Andrey Malakhov is on vacation and has not decided whether to continue the program. According to them, the program will air, if she still decides to go with the First channel.

Rukovodstvo the First channel did not comment the situation with the show "Let them talk".

Stylist Vlad Lisovets, who was present at the filming of issue with Borisov told RIA Novosti that the hotel does not explain the departure from the transfer of Andrei Malakhov.

"Let them talk" - an evening talk show that airs on the channel since 2005. The program is one of the most popular on Russian TV.

Andrey Malakhov - the permanent host of the program. Prior to that, he led the talk show "Big wash" and "Five evenings".