Estonian Ambassador Merle Pajula made with harsh criticism concerning the delay of the return flight of the Estonian delegation. It was to be held after the summit in Gothenburg, reports local newspaper Göteborgs-Posten.

In his letter to the foreign Ministry of Sweden Paul writes that at the airport at the gate in front of the Estonian delegation slammed the door, and the plane rose into the air, not the Prime Minister of jüri Ratas, the publication reports.

The newspaper also writes that the Ratas ran home in Tallinn — at the meeting, but when the delegation arrived at the airport of Gothenburg Landvetter, she was forced to wait in the VIP room: in the plane they hit.

According to the Ambassador, the delegation members saw their colleagues from the other two countries of the same is the VIP room was taken to the aircraft. This information is available in the letter to the foreign Ministry of Sweden, seen by the newspaper Göteborgs-Posten.

When Estonians had to go on a plane in front of them slammed doors, said Paula. Other passengers have got on the plane.

"Such things do not happen with people after the meetings. The meeting was very well organized, this was great, everything was going very well until this latest incident", — commented on the situation Paula.

The Ambassador writes that she asked for an explanation from the operator Swedavia and found out that the above is the decision of the pilot. When Paula tried to learn his name, she ignored, she says.

"Not to inform the Prime Minister and the delegation about the situation and about changes in flight plan or not to inform about the confusion — it's just disrespectful," writes Paula.

Case investigated by Swedavia. Airport Director Charlotte Ljunggren told Göteborgs-Posten that the situation will review. "Last week we received a letter from the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the Estonian delegation is dissatisfied with how they were treated. Of course, we will consider the criticism and rate this question. The meeting was very numerous, had an incredible amount of organizations that had to cooperate. We started the analysis: what was good and what could be done better. Somewhere interrupted communication," added Charlotte Ljunggren.

Adviser to the government on the press Triin Oppi confirmed that any objective reasons to remove the delegation from there was no flight: no one from the delegation of the Prime Minister not acted inappropriately, not in an inappropriate state.

Oppie added that the Prime Minister arrived at the airport early. Its members climbed the stairs, but the door of the plane they were not allowed. On the question of the cause replied that it was the decision of the pilot. "We never thought something like this could happen," said Oppie.

The delegation arrived in Estonia for an hour after the scheduled flight Nordica.