For the implementation of the plan's measures in 2019 also required will be 10.2 million euros in 2020 — still 10.2 million euros.

The plan includes four main areas: promoting the health of the mother and child and prevention of diseases, medical care of pregnant women, parturient women and newborns, improved availability of outpatient services in health children, as well as the availability and quality of health services chronic pediatric patients.

In the first area, it is planned to improve information and education of society and nurses on promoting the health of the mother and child and prevention of diseases, and vaccination of children. It is also planned to improve accessibility of children to state-funded dental services.

To promote the health of pregnant, postpartum women and newborns is expected to consider the need for additional assignable during pregnancy studies to improve their quality and to ensure the principle of "green corridor". It is also planned to improve the coverage of newborn screening and expanded screening studies for early diagnosis of pathologies.

To improve the availability of outpatient services is planned to provide additional research on the children for early detection of health problems and the availability of pediatricians in hospitals and primary health care.

In the development of the plan involved the Center for control and disease prevention, national health service, Latvian Association of gynaecologists and skilled birth attendants, Latvian Association of midwives, the Latvian society of neonatologov, the Latvian Association of paediatricians and Latvian family doctors Association, the Latvian Association of rural family physicians.