If in 2015 on the trip of deputies were allocated 475 000 Euro, this year 550,000 euros. Such costs in the diet explain the fact that MPs have to travel to the Netherlands and Slovakia, which this year is chaired by the European Union.

For example, this week the three MPs travelled to Zambia to attend a session of the inter-Parliamentary Union. This trip, which went Gundars Daudze, Inguna Sudraba and mārtiņš SICS, as well as an employee of the Seimas Sandra Paura, will cost the Treasury € 12,000.

The previous session of the inter-Parliamentary Union was held in Vietnam, Ecuador, Uganda and other countries. It is noteworthy that the decision about the trip of the deputies in Zambia was taken on 9 November last year. However, in the calendar of the Presidium of the journalists could not find this item, because it was included in the agenda as an additional question, which appeared on the Internet. Probably not asking too many questions.

The same thing happened last year when on a business trip to Vietnam went Solvita Aboltina, Gundars Daudze, Sergey Mirsky and Secretary of the group of Paura. Deputies believe that the trip, which cost 12 000 Euro, was justified.

Such session of the inter-Parliamentary Union visit of a delegation from Lithuania, Estonia and other States. However, from practice, out of 167 submitted to the inter-Parliamentary Union countries, a quarter of delegations does not appear there. Similar sessions are held twice a year: once in Geneva, the second time in a developing country.

The head of the parliamentary Commission on foreign Affairs Ojars Eric Kalnins is not willing to say how necessary this trip.

"I don't know whether it is. But I believed that the Deputy who participates in these trips, can benefit their active participation. As you make contacts and also to enter into relationships with other parliamentarians. It all depends on the MP. Because if the MP goes and does nothing, I think it remains on its conscience" — says Kalnins.

Reporters also noted that very often on business trips as Secretary of the Latvian National group of the inter-Parliamentary Union travels Sandra Paura: last year, she visited Vietnam, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, France, the UK, Ukraine and USA.