Ushakov believes the criticisms are unfounded, but admits that next time I will try to formulate my thoughts differently, not using pictures from the Internet. "Submission form, unfortunately, turned out to be what happened. My actions often cause some interpretation. Maybe I'm too capricious, may be still not Mature enough politician, but I will continue to say what I think is right," said the mayor of Riga.

According to him, by publishing a caricature, he wanted to show that some people who survived the expulsion and hunger, still live in poverty. "And not to blame the Soviet government. Using cartoons I wanted to say that we should stop allowing politicians to only talk about the history and cover up these conversations their inaction in recent years", - said Neil Ushakov.

As previously reported, the who has published in social networks a caricature of the cyclist, who himself broke the wheel, but requires compensation in the amount of 185 billion euros from Russia. This amount, called the Commission on the calculation of the damage caused by the Soviet occupation of Latvia.

According to Ushakov, he did not consider it right to look at the history of the roots of the current problems, but also to spend money on the study of damage from the events of the past instead of invest in the solution today's tasks, for example, in medicine or education.

After that, MEP Inese Vaidere has sent a letter to attorney General Eric Calmeyers with a request to assess the opinion of the mayor of Riga nil Ushakov about the damage from the actions of the Soviet Union and to bring him to justice.

The mayor of Riga also reported it to the police because of a video on Twitter. Ushakov published a picture of a cyclist, who himself broke the wheel, but requires compensation in the amount of 185 billion euros.

Later the who has published a new cartoon. In the picture the cyclist, who himself put a spoke in the wheel, depicted with the head of the Ruta Pazdera, head of the Commission, which assessed the damage of Latvia from the USSR to 185 billion euros.

In turn the wife of the mayor of Riga Iveta Scrutiny-Ushakov published in a Facebook post in defense position Ushakov. According to her, the cartoons are not linked to the occupation, and urged to spend money "for the future, to thoughts on politics, the economy, and not on analysis of the facts of the past in favor of short-term political objectives".