We are talking about the building at Vesetas street, 8. In the hospital about the patient reported by epidemiologists who the next day went to this house and to the country house of the patient to take water samples. Simultaneously, the Centre for control and prevention (CDC) informed the Manager of the building that it is necessary to take samples of water from the building's boiler room, as well as to inform residents.

However, the head of the society Rakstnieku māja, which manages the same house, not allowed epidemiologists to get into the house. She coordinated all actions with the co-op Board, which is chaired by film Director arvīds Krievs. In his view, management acted correctly. He also noted that as soon as you have any suspicions about bacteria, the water temperature was increased.

Only after an exchange of emails over several weeks, the epidemiologists were able to get in and take samples. The representative of CDC Yuri Carriers noted that the whole house was infected with the bacteria that cause legionellosis.

"Good that such cases are unique. In fact, this year there was only one case with a strange resistance, not to inform people and help with carrying out epidemiological examination", - said the representative of the CDC.