Gunars Birkerts was born in 1925, in 1943, emigrated from Latvia. He studied in Germany, then moved to the United States, where in 1962 he opened his own Bureau of Gunnar Birkerts and Associates.

Project of Birkerts buildings the Federal reserve Bank in Minneapolis, the Museum of glass in Corning and one of the buildings of the University of Michigan. Two of his works became composed in 2007 list of the 150 best buildings of all time built in the U.S. (compiled by the American Institute of architects). notes that the project entire life of the building was Birkerts's new National library in Riga, Latvia ("Castle of Light"). It was opened to the public in 2014. Another project that Birkerts wanted to implement in Latvia - the restructuring of the Museum of the occupation ("House of the future") was left unfinished.

In 1995, Birkerts was awarded the Order of the three stars and included in the Latvian cultural Canon.