According to, now ADH will be presented in 8 of 16 Federal States of Germany and significantly complicate the formation of local governments. "Traditional" party has previously stated that they would not join in a coalition with the AFD.

Despite the fact that in all three lands ADH overcame the threshold to five percent, it is unlikely to be in the ruling coalitions of land, as previously key political parties ruled out the possibility of a coalition with AFD. In this case, judging by the situation at the moment, the existing coalition break apart. At the same time, the results of the elections in the three lands open numerous prospects for coalition-building.

According to preliminary data, in Baden-württemberg's ruling a "green" score is 30.3 % (that is, they can get the 47 seats in the land Parliament), followed by the CDU with 27% (42 seats in Parliament), ADH gets 15.1 per cent (23 seats), SPD - a 12.7% (19 seats), the FDP 8.3 per cent (12 seats), the Left party is 2.9%. In the Parliament of Baden-württemberg for the absolute majority the party needs to get 70 seats.

In Rhineland-Palatinate the SPD won the elections, receiving 36,2% (40 seats in Parliament), the CDU gained 31.8 per cent (34 seats), ADH - 12,6% (14 seats), the FDP 6.2 per cent (7 seats), "green" is 5.3% (6 seats), the Left party is 2.8%. In Rhineland-Palatinate parliamentary majority is achieved by getting 51 seats.

In Saxony-Anhalt the party Merkel scored 29.8 per cent (30 seats in Parliament), ADH - 24,2% (24 seats in Parliament) Left the party and 16.2% (17 seats), the SPD - 10,6% (11 seats), "green" - 5,2% (5 seats), the FDP is 4.9%. In Saxonia-Anhalt for an absolute parliamentary majority required 52 spaces.

Just vote in the three land could take about 13 million people. The turnout in the elections in Baden-württemberg amounted to 70.4%, in Rhineland-Palatinate and 70.8%, and in Saxonia-Anhalt - the 61.8%. The main theme of pre-election programs of political parties on current regional election was a migration crisis.

Notes TASS, the poor results of land elections testify to the present crisis of the SPD, which threatens to cause even more voters will turn away from the party.