The first "Warning to humanity" was released in 1992. It was signed by 1,700 scientists from around the world. The document predicted the destruction of life on Earth by mankind due to the formation of ozone holes, pollution of water and air, deforestation, soil depletion and other consequences of human intervention in the environment. New document summed up the results of the publication of "Warnings" 25 years.

"Humanity has failed to achieve sufficient progress in solving environmental problems and many of them have become only more serious," the scientists write.

The main problem, according to the authors of the document global climate change. Since 1992, the average temperature increased by more than half a degree Celsius, and annual carbon dioxide emissions increased by 62%. Also decreased the number of forests has decreased the number of fish in the ponds. In the oceans has increased the number of dead zones — areas with low oxygen content. The number of people during this time grew by 2 billion, while the number of species of mammals, reptiles, fish has decreased by 30%.

"Soon it will be too late to stray from our path of decline," the researchers note.

The authors of the document propose a number of solutions to the problem, including the establishment of nature reserves, the reduction of food waste, the introduction of greener technologies, changing consumption patterns through economic incentives.