The remains of a woman were found There in the cave Lod in Northern Thailand in 2002 — skull fragments, teeth, few bones. Their age, the researchers assessed 13640 in years. The woman at the time of death was 25-35 years, and its growth was only 152 cm.

To restore her facial features, the experts first reconstructed the skull, and then did a search on a global basis, taking into account the size of the skull, physical and other characteristics of the appearance of people from around the world up to the skin tone. Selecting 720 women from 25 countries, whose performance coincided with data from archaeological measurements, the researchers created an average face based on their photos.

This technique was used for the first time. The researchers note that deliberately refused to use the methods of forensic medicine, because they believe they are not suitable for such tasks. They also tried to avoid certain facial features or expressions that are considered characteristic of the people of the past.