In the study, researchers analyzed data from the smartphones built in pedometers in total, 68 million man-days.

All data were obtained from 111 countries. It turned out that the average traveled per day distance in the world is 4961 step reports Daily Mail. The indicators are slightly above average are the Baltic States.

A the most lazy in the world are Indonesians, who daily make only 3513 steps. Also, few go to residents of the Philippines, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

The most active Hong Kong residents, who on average make 6880 steps a day. In second place — China (6189), the third — Ukraine (6107), the fourth — Sweden (6010), the fifth — Russia (5969). In the top 10 for number of steps on average per inhabitant also includes Spain, Sweden, South Korea, Singapore and Switzerland.

While scientists have not found a strong inverse correlation between the number taken during the day the steps and levels of obesity in the country. A key factor is the so-called "disparity of activity" — the gap between sports and lazy people in every country.

According to one of the study participants, "if there is a major gap between the "rich activity" and "poor activity" citizens, there will be observed a high percentage of obesity.

For example, in US citizens are 4774 step a day, however, the gap between active and inactive citizens is large enough, and hence large rates of obesity.