If the ideal school and exists, we just have described it. Employees egoPERFECTUS, Baltic leader in the field of personalized education for 12 years successfully select the ideal school abroad in UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, France, Australia and other countries. And find helping students to get unforgettable experience, parents gain confidence that their child is ready to firmly stand on its feet.

In the world there are tens or hundreds of thousands of private schools: classic British, American, advanced, elite Swiss or German... innovative Their requirements, systems and approaches to education are radically different. Find child school, which he will love — a very difficult task, and without the help of professionals can not do here. egoPERFECTUS not only advises parents, but with the help of methods egoMAPPING defines the personal qualities and abilities of students, selecting the best learning options. Accurate assessment of the needs and capabilities of the learner allows you to find the school that suits him.

"Our students study in Britain, Canada, USA, Switzerland, New Zealand and other countries — in these schools, as, for example, Ellesmere College, Mill Hill School, Sevenoaks School, Rugby School, Berlin Brandenburg International School, Leysin American School, Lake Forest Academy," says consultant egoPERFECTUS on education abroad Liene Pommer. And every year them becomes more and more. Students willing to study abroad usually speak good English and can easily accept the "rules of the game".

What happens if you manage to find "your" school? A variety of things. Academic studies in a private school designed to prepare a student for admission to a prestigious University. Competition between schools leads to work to get only the best teachers. That is, the quality of education will be high.

But there are not such obvious moments, and chief among them — the development of personality. "Even one year of education in British private schools varies incredibly children. They literally bloom and academically, from the point of view of behavior in society, — says the Executive Director egoPERFECTUS Oksana Pinchuk. — They become more confident, more independent, makes them want to achieve more. The fact that they are in an environment where the majority of children the same as they are. There not made to show off your new phone or designer clothes, but the price knowledge and achievements. We definitely wish every student to feel it".

The combination of discipline and attention to the child's personality leads to the fact that it becomes more purposeful and open. Changing family relationships: relatives become closer