According to "Moskovsky Komsomolets", Nina Doroshina a few years ago suffered a heart attack, and this year really came down. Her husband Vladimir Tyshko died in 2004, and recently passed away niece, who had nursed Dorosini.

"It is hard for me. I did not get up and barely able to speak. Leg muscles atrophied, tormented by asthma and rheumatic pains, and heart aches constantly. I can't believe I'm literally a year ago he was running in heels. Now nobody's helping me. Am I the only one. Brother is also very sick, but to care for his wife, and no one to help me. However, neighbors and acquaintances sometimes buy food and medicine, thank them for it. But now, many vacations," says the actress.

According to her, the doctor observes the health of a famous patient, but says, "this age and nothing to do with it".

"I need a sports doctor who would be well versed in the diseases of the feet. I deserve decent care, I'm still a folk artist," says Doroshina. The recommendation of the doctor she was trying to get the trainer on figure skating Tatyana Tarasova, says REN TV.

People's artist hopes to recover and return to favorite "Contemporary" and to the students of the Shchukin school, where she serves as Professor.

Nina Doroshina was born in Losinoostrovsk in 1934, graduated from the course Lvova and Moskvina in Theatrical school of B. Schukin. Debuted on the stage of "Contemporary" in 1958 in the play "In search of happiness" in conjunction with the Oleg Tabakov. Has a number of theatrical awards.

Appeared in two dozen films, a film known primarily for her role as Hope in a lyrical Comedy by Vladimir Menshov "Love and pigeons" in 1984. Viewers fell in love with the image of a simple Russian woman Hopes Kusakina separated husband and insidious seductress Raisa Zakharovna (Lyudmila Gurchenko). The words of the heroine of Dorosini viewers long ago dismantled on the aphorisms.