While Natalia was asked to answer the questions with a connection to the lie detector and she agreed. Also in the Studio, invited the psychologists who tried to define outright. Psychologists have noted that Natalia felt uncomfortable answering questions about sexual matters.

Presenter Dmitry Shepelev asked her a direct question - does Natalya sexual attraction to husband.

"I feel tension when, say... Well, it's a very intimate question. I can say, "Yes, I have." For me love and passion are two different things, and the desire I refer to passion, - said Natalia. For me making love, if the question is posed, it is a huge art, and to do so, as do many people, just "ubytovna" it annoys me. We have Ivan Ivanovich is sex!" The lie detector showed that the programís answers was not sincere, said "KP".

"I don't know exactly, but I suspect that Natasha had some unpleasant in this sense, the experience - commented on the reaction of his wife Ivan Krasko. It is possible that she is experiencing some kind of disgusted even. It is quite possible variant. Psychologically. And Natalie is absolutely right when he says that sex is fun, pleasure is not the act of procreation that occurs throughout the animal Kingdom in a certain period of time and not every day. In this sense, I support Natalia, and we have this notorious pleasure each other in this sense".

Recall that the actor Ivan Krasko married Natalia Shevel in September 2015.