Flowers competed in shooting from a pneumatic gun from a distance of 10 meters. In qualifying with a score of 572 points, he managed to close the eight of the strongest, and in the final, the battle for gold took place between the Latvian marksman and Italian Paolo a Monna. The duel ended in favor of the Italian who knocked out 198,8 points, and Flowers with a score of 196.3 per took second place.

Other Latvian arrows in this discipline has shown the following results: Ernest of ARBS (564 points) — 25th place, Kristaps Smilga (561) — there was a 30-m, Richard Sorge (555) is the 47th and krišjānis Borax (543) — 60-m, in competition with 70 participants.

In command offset the national team of Latvia took sixth place out of 14 possible.

In the women's competition in the same discipline 19-year-old Agatha rasmane the results showed 370 points and took the 19th place among the 60 participants. In the final it was possible to qualify with a score of 373 points.