The Cup of Brandenburg — famous Junior tournament. And very representative. This year he collected fighters from 20 countries. Not lost among them, and Latvia.

In fact the Latvian fighters have long been competing in Frankfurt-on-Oder, for the first time, boxers fought here in 2001. Then, 16 years ago, bronze awards brought Anton Berezin, Dmitry Gukin and the current coach of the Latvian juniors Vladislav Sokolov.

This year was pleased with Milan Volkov, who won bronze in the weight category over 91 kg. Riga lost to the boxer from Poland Oscar to him in the battle for the finals, but the victory over Vladislav by Hairbeam from Estonia guaranteed him a medal. Alas, others have not managed to become winners. For example, Alexander Kravchuk in the quarterfinal battle on points lost to the local boxer Jeremy Goncharenko.

This year the main battles in the juniors will be held in October — at the European championship for the boxers to 19 years in Antalya. To prepare for these important competitions the national team of Latvia will hold several fees in Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus.