The Ministry of justice announced that the small courts will be eliminated together with the territorial reform, and the new United courts need experienced leaders. And yet reform will not change the influence of the regional courts, which for many years run by the same people, concludes the transmission.

The journalists of More personīga found that the Chairman of the Madona district court Aldis, Steenis in his position remains since 1993. The same 24-years of experience have the head of Limbazi district court Aija Mickelson and the head of the Saldus district court Gunta Galina. Since 1995, the Vidzeme regional court is headed by Edite Kagera, 1998 at the head of the Bauska district court Iveta is anjana.

The transfer notes that the judge when assuming office, unable to take her life. The President of the court may resign from office only if both of you to want or for gross violations. Provides that every five years the head of the court shall be elected by contest, but most often it involved only one candidate — himself acting head of the court.

The President Raimonds Vejonis ordered the Parliament to make amendments to the law "On judicial power", stating that the decision of the Sejm to limit the chairmanship of district (city) and regional courts to two consecutive terms is not directed at the judicial system. Parliament will need to make a decision on the bill.