Currently installed the nationality of the detainees. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, a crowd of migrant contain in the sports complex in the town of Dikili on the Aegean coast.

After the identity of the refugees will be established, the authorities will decide what action to take against them.2.*

One of the detained migrants, who knew English, told Reuters that the majority of refugees in Europe from war, consider that when they reached the coast of Greece, they will have the right to stay in Europe.

"If Turkey would grant us the right to choose the country where we live, it's not bad. But I think in Greece we would be able to choose", — said the Agency interlocutor, adding that migrants need a legal way to Greece.

Note that the problem of escape of migrants from Turkey to Greece was one of the main points of the agreement between Ankara and the EU. According to the document the day before, all illegal migrants residing in Greece via Turkey, will be coming back. It is emphasized that all migrants are protected in conformity with international standards.

The Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu at a press conference said that the EU will take as many refugees, many return to illegal immigrants. "For every Syrian to be returned to Turkey from Greece, another Syrian will be relocated from Turkey to the EU. The mechanism will be installed with the support of the European Commission, EU agencies and other member countries and UN agencies to ensure the project start on the same day, when will the return (of illegal migrants from the EU in Turkey)", — quotes the text of the agreement of TASS.

Another important aspect of the agreement was the doubling of financial support for Ankara, that is, the allocation of six billion euros instead of three. The EU approved this requirement, but provided that will issue additional funds only after you will spend the first 3 billion With European Parliament President Martin Schulz stressed that the EU budget is "not a box with infinite money".

Another requirement of Ankara in exchange for a reduction in migratory flows to the EU is the abolition of the visa regime already this summer. Here the views of the European Union and Turkey have diverged. According to Schulz, the EU stands ready to play a "constructive role", but no abbreviations parliamentary procedure for Turkey can not be, because it's unfair to Georgia, Ukraine and Kosovo, as well as having the views of a visa-free regime with Europe.

As to the acceleration of the process for Turkey's accession to the EU, the parties decided to open a new Chapter in the negotiations. The European Commission will make a formal proposal in April. "Preparatory work for the opening of other chapters will continue at an accelerated pace and without prejudice to the positions of member countries, in accordance with the rules in force", — underlined in the agreement.