In fact, this measure will be implemented after the European Union abolished visas for citizens of Turkey. It is expected that these procedures will begin on 4 may, when the Commission will consider a report on the implementation of Turkey's 72 criteria for visa-free regime.

Other States have abolished visas for incoming and in EU Cyprus. While in Ankara, stressed that the move does not mean formal recognition of the Republic of Cyprus, reports

The complex relationship of Turkey with Cyprus (Turkey is the only country in the world that recognized the independence of the village by the Turks of Northern Cyprus) are one of the main obstacles in the integration processes of Turkey and the EU. Previously, the government of Cyprus has repeatedly stated that it will block all attempts of Ankara to join the European Union.

Granting Turkish citizens the right of visa-free entry to Europe is part of the prisoner in March, agreement on refugees. According to him, Ankara will take all illegal immigrants who arrived in Greece through its territory, instead of sending to Europe for legal refugees. In addition, Turkey will receive EU € 3 billion.

EU leaders believe that the agreed scheme will break the business model of traffickers who are engaged in dangerous transportation of people through the Aegean sea, as refugees will be able to submit a legitimate application for asylum from Turkey. Thus they hope to reduce the migratory flow to Europe, which goes through Turkey and the Aegean sea in Greece.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu said that Ankara will refuse to perform obligations under the agreement on illegal migrants from the EU if Brussels did not keep his promise and will not enter for Turkish citizens visa-free regime.

According to him, Turkey will fulfill all the prescribed requirements by may, and in June expects to obtain the abolition of the visa regime. "If that happens, obviously, you can not expect that we will continue to fulfill its end of the bargain," added he.

Meanwhile, the European Parliament urged the EU not to introduce visa-free regime for citizens of Turkey, until Ankara does not fulfill all the political and bureaucratic promises, the press service of the European Parliament.

Deputies went in the estimates of recent transactions on the movement of refugees. Some politicians decided it was a "forced necessity", noting that the EU is not able to take responsibility for the solution to the immigration crisis. Another part of the deputies criticized the EU for trying to "buy external services to solve their problems by sacrificing the principles of freedom of speech and human rights which are regularly violated in Turkey.