Among children the number of TB cases over the past year has decreased: in 2016, tuberculosis was diagnosed in 22 children aged from 0 to 14 years (2015-m — 24). But among teenagers aged 16-17 last year, registered eight cases of such cases (in 2015— 4).

At the end of last year, the highest number of tuberculosis cases in Latvia was recorded in the age group 40 to 49 years, predominantly in men.

Data monitoring of infectious diseases in SPKC indicate that the incidence of tuberculosis in Latvia continues to decrease. The specialists say that the incidence of tuberculosis in Latvia is still one of the highest in the EU (along with Lithuania and Romania). In this regard, residents are invited in case of need immediately to have a health check.

The most common pulmonary tuberculosis, but tuberculosis can develop in other parts of the body such as the bones, lymph nodes, kidneys. The greatest risk of TB affected those who use drugs and toxic substances and alcohol, smokers, persons with chronic diseases affecting the immune system (HIV infection, lung diseases and kidney, diabetes, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers). Affected by malnutrition and prolonged stress.

Tuberculosis in Latvia are diagnosed and treated at the expense of the state budget. In Latvia available free expert advice if a person manifest characteristic TB symptoms.

From 20 to 30 March in the cities of Latvia held an informative event, dedicated to the world day against tuberculosis. Points in HIV prevention and in the rooms of the Latvian red cross, as well as in certain branches Europatieka you can get free expert advice, to pass tests on sputum, rapid tests for HIV, hepatitis B and C, to other services. More information about these services is available on the CDC website.