Compared with 2014 the necessary amount has increased by 31 euros, or 6.7%.
Although in recent years household incomes have grown, they are still not able to fully cover the everyday needs. In 2014, Latvian residents thought that one family member is required 452 euros, while their revenues were only 387 euros per month.

In 2015, people better assess their capabilities to cover everyday expenses. The share of households, which is difficult, was reduced from 27% in 2013 to 16.9% last year. Last year 17.1% of families was relatively easy to cover everyday expenses, and it is 5.7 percentage points more than in 2013.

The hardest thing to have to single pensioners, single-parent and large families. Compared with 2014, more families with children stated that they easily cover daily expenses.

6100 families was studied and surveyed by 11.7 thousand persons aged from 16 years.

Under the family income includes not only salary, pensions and allowances, cash assistance, interest on shares and deposits, income from property rental received from state revenue Service overpaid taxes, etc.