To the bill were discussed (and either adopted or rejected) in the diet, during the year, for him to vote ten per cent from all Latvian voters. So citizens of Latvia can exercise their right of legislative initiative given to them by the Constitution. But to make a direct referendum tax issues of the Constitution forbids.

Prepared by NSL amendments to the law "On property tax" provides that the estate tax is exempt the property that is only owned by a resident of Latvia, declared and living in it. Tax shall also be exempt and the ground on which the real estate, provided that its area in cities and towns does not exceed 1500 square metres and 2 hectares.

The leader of the NSL Inguna Sudraba to Agency LETA, said that the party decided to act because and in the diet, and the Cabinet ignored the collection of signatures of 2016 and 2017, when under the initiative to abolish the tax was signed by more than 10 thousand people.

According to her, inhabitants of Latvia can't wait for years until Rob can't risk the loss of ownership. "Some of the inhabitants, to save his father's house or their only shelter, is trying to pay the tax, reducing their spending on medicine, food, education and other needs that the result affects their quality of life," said Sudraba.

Earlier, the government decided to ease the tax burden and endorsed amendments to the law on the state cadastre of real estate, freezing for two years the cadastral value. Amendments were submitted to the Sejm for consideration on an urgent basis.