The Church also advises teachers to avoid the cliches that can change the child's behavior because it "does not fit into gender stereotypes." Students in schools should be free "to try out the many veils of identity" and "to explore the possibilities of what they can be, without judgment or ridicule".

The Archbishop of Canterbury warned that bullying on the grounds of homophobia, transphobia and biphobia lead to high levels of mental disorders, depression and suicide.

The LGBT community supported the new rules and indicated that the Church sent a clear signal that bullying on the basis of the phobias should never be justified.

The rules of the Church apply to 4700 educational institutions that are under its control.

According to the Foundation for Stonewall, the UK 52% of LGBT children hear in schools of insults in his address, and over 45% bullied because of their sexual orientation, for most, it affected the decision about further education. While two students out of five admitted that due to clashes with their peers, they had to miss classes at school.