It was the third game organized by the network of shops, and the main prize – the car "Toyota Yaris" – the third time went to the fair sex. Natalia for participation in the lottery has registered three checks, and in a happy check was three bottles of "Pepsi".

Probably coincidence, but the prize to the winner of the lottery "Mego" and "Vesko" was presented on 12 December this year, and the sum of the digits in this date is the crucial number three to the same address "Amserv" street Krasta, 3.

Numerology, or magic numbers, of its true supporters believe is closer to astrology than to magic. You can smile, but mystical coincidences sometimes directly evident. According to the theory, every number has a unique vibration, which gives it certain properties. They allow us to predict and determine the results of the various events, actions, and deeds.

"Luck of the lottery I do not believe, I believe in actions. Victory seems completely random, because the purchase was impulsive as a rule, I do not allow children to drink sweetened beverages, but since we had a wedding anniversary, we decided to buy boys three bottles of "Pepsi"," – says Natalia.

She adds that it was the first time she participated in the lottery, and, to his surprise, won.

Speaking about coincidences, it should be noted that one of the participants of the lottery has registered 120 checks. It is obvious that the sum of all the digits in this number also is three.

Noticing such coincidences, we decided to take a closer look at the vibration of this number.

Playful inspiration
Dutch writer, developer numerological software and Keramik Hans Decoz (Hans Decoz) once told "The New York Times" that the number three is inherent to playfulness, is a carefree, inspiring and very optimistic figure.

"With this number of people feel in a good mood and take things easier. I call it triumphant figure," writes Deci in his book "Numerology: the key to the inner self".

Like life itself
Three is considered a lucky number in China because it is pronounced very similar to the word "life". This is the opposite of number four, which in Chinese sounds like the word "death". Therefore, China often skip the number four in the numbering of floors, apartments and other worldly things.

Three pervades our lives
It turns out that with number three, we encounter much more often than you think. In the color palette to three basic colors (blue, red, yellow)