In Wyoming won Senator Ted Cruz, and very confident. According to "Interfax", he managed to score more than 67% of the vote, while Donald trump was able to get the support of only 7.7% of the votes.

The crocuses Republicans in D.C. defeated presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio with 37% of the vote. Trump got 14%, Cruz— 12%.

In Ohio during a meeting with supporters on trump's presidential candidate attempted attack by a black voter. It took the intervention of his security service and the police. After the incident, the assailant accused trump of having links with terrorist group "Islamic state".

The day before trump for security reasons, was forced to cancel a speech at a University in Chicago, where his appearance was waiting many opponents. He was accused of organizing provocations of supporters of the democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who was named as a "Communist".

The elections did not affect the basic balance of power in the Republican party: the leader remains the trump, followed by Cruz. Trump has secured the support of 460 electors. Cruz — 370 delegates, Rubio — 163 (in the view of the victory in the capital), Kasica — 63. To ensure that the nomination from the Republican party for President of the USA, support 1237 delegates from 2472 participants in the national Congress.