"The people there suffer and die. We have many different options in relation to Venezuela. The military option is one of them, if the situation so warrants," said trump reporters on Friday. One of the media representatives said the head of state, does this mean that the United States will lead military operation, to which the President replied: "We don't talk about it. But I can certainly say that the military option is something to which we can resort".

Meanwhile, a Pentagon spokesman in an interview with the Agency stressed that there were no decrees from the White house about a possible military operation in Venezuela was not. He noted that the U.S. military is ready at any moment to defend the national interests of the United States, however, the speculation that Washington plans an invasion are groundless.

Venezuelan authorities have considered madness made the day before warning of the President of the United States Donald trump about a possible military intervention in the political crisis in this Latin American country. So the statement of the American leader described the Minister of defence of the Republic Vladimir Padrino.