The US President Donald trump on Wednesday, October 11, held consultations with their pomoshniki about the possible development of the events surrounding the conflict with North Korea. The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis, the head of the joint chiefs of staff Joseph Dunford and other experts have told Trump about the current state of Affairs. The meeting also discussed on how to protect the US and its allies from nuclear threats from Pyongyang.

Simultaneously, the two supersonic bomber B-1 along with Japanese and South Korean F-15 made a training flight over the sea of Japan near the Korean Peninsula. Thus, the U.S. army demonstrated "unwavering loyalty to allies" and willingness to provide security and stability in the region. In September 2017 the US deployed in South Korea several B-1 bombers to conduct so-called "exercises to deter".

Earlier Tuesday, the EU imposed new sanctions against the leadership of North Korea. The European Union was banned from export to the DPRK of liquefied natural gas and imports of North Korean textile industry. In addition, countries of the European Union banned to issue new work permits for citizens of the DPRK.