In Latvia, the rose has already made six amnioplasty, but only hope that your face and eyes will be able to save only gives treatment in Germany. In the second half of may Rose to wait in the clinic of Aachen (Germany) for surgical procedures, but this requires 10 000 euros. The family has no such money. Because the family treats to people for help, as by sobrati this amount will fail.

Veronica Khain a single mom, raising twins, which at the end of this year will be of age. One of the daughters — rose Rachel leads an active lifestyle, many played sports — Taekwondo and Canoeing, the girl playing the guitar. At the moment she can't go to class, perform at sporting events and to go to school.

"I got thermal and chemical burns of eyes and century. Now this eye, I can barely see, but the chance to restore it. Also need plastic surgery century. In Latvia I have already done several surgeries, couldn't be more help. I was offered treatment in Germany at the clinic of Universitätsklinikum Aachen. We were on the initial examination, and the doctors said that the recovery of the century and the eye will be necessary to conduct from 3 to 5 operations," says rose.

"Daughter very hard — both physically and psychologically. Really want to see rose again became the cheerful girl, and therefore I beg you for help. I never anybody did not ask anything, did it all by myself, but now simply there is no other way," admits mother Rose.

If you would like to help the rose to go for treatment in Germany and hope to wait for his birthday, donations, marked "For treatment of Roses," you can do

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