"Our biggest enemy and the source of all problems is a laziness, I wouldn't have wanted to admit it. Laziness must be fought every day," the singer Aminata.

"The most important thing is to believe in yourself, listen to yourself and not to give up, to do from time to time and what we don't like what you do not want. And ultimately to understand what strength lies in your team," said Intars Busulis.

"The sages say: "Do what you must, come what may." If doing what they enjoy, and do it with all my heart, with you inevitably will, miracles happen. And don't be afraid, because fear prevents us to fulfill dreams, closing the door to happiness," says singer Maria Naumova.

"I am sure that in Latvia a great many talented young people. In diverse fields ranging from mathematics to sport. The main thing you need to remember — focus on goals, solve problems step by step, work with joy, whether it's exercise or a mathematical problem