Allergies mostly occur with young people and children, says family-doctor clinics Elite AO Veselības centru apvienība Alberto Garden, stressing that in older people they are very rare. Every day to see him coming 2-3 children, faced with this problem. Speaking of allergic reactions caused by foods, the doctor refers to global research, the main conclusion of which is necessary in small portions to introduce children over the age of one year, with the largest possible number of different products. Scientists who have studied children in six years — ages 1 to 6,- came to the conclusion that the earlier and more children were offered a variety of food, the less was the likelihood that in the future they would have food allergies.

Observing Alberto's Garden is confirmed by the studies of British scientists that a significant role is played by the time of the year when the baby was born. Children born in spring and autumn, more likely to suffer from allergies to irritants in the air, than in children who were born in summer and winter.

Since spring is the time when people are especially activated allergies associated with the respiratory tract, it is possible to prepare, using appropriate prescription drugs for two or four weeks before active flowering. They will help to reduce the Allergy symptoms to a minimum or even avoid them. There are patients who come to the Garden albert about allergic reactions in March, when our streets are still covered in snow. Doctor this problem explain the fact that other countries have already begun flowering and flows of the wind can bring pollen, some which cause allergies.

To distinguish allergies from the common cold, the main symptoms of which are often identical, cough, runny nose and sneezing, — you must evaluate the following factors: was the contact with people who are sick with some respiratory infection, increased temperature of the body. Alberto Garden indicates that ill and knowing that it is an Allergy, you must visit the family doctor who can prescribe medication that is suitable specifically for this case.

The second largest group, which causes allergies, is foods that causes to feel irritation in the throat leading to cough. The complaints of patients Alberto Garden show that in recent years, as many children and adults allergic reactions occurred after the acquisition of hypermarkets in the Polish apples. Peanuts, hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds is also not the product which can be consumed in large quantities. "Some cough begins immediately after eating a few nuts, and others from the daily ingestion of a large quantity of nuts," says family doctor. People who have high blood pressure, you should very deliberately to eat nuts, because they not only raise blood pressure but also are a source of cholesterol.

The third group of reasons, which we have to pay attention if allergic reactions occur at certain times, while others disappear is a contact substance, exposure to which occurs regularly. Daily used cosmetics or household chemicals can cause Allergy — new shampoo, perfume, detergent, powder. "Sometimes my patients complain that they don't even carry cotton clothes, because it causes itching. In these cases, I suggest to wear a white and light-colored clothing, because used in the production of dyes has been reduced to a minimum," notes Alberto Garden.

Eliminating as much as possible of the different causes of Allergy, but not finding the answer to the question of why the children are not undergoing cough at home, coming to visit the physician often finds that, especially in new buildings, where is still standing the smell of paint or any selection from Wallpaper, cause an allergic reaction. Often we have to admit that the signs of mold can cause regular problems in patients with respiratory diseases.

Pets — dogs, cats, birds, and especially parrots, is often the cause of allergies. However, more than a tender age the child is faced with fur or feathers of animals, the more likely that in the next life he will not have allergic reactions. "Some people will not part with Pets even realizing that their hair is the cause of the problems, and take medication, even knowing that medicines can damage the liver and cause diseases in the future," explains Garden.

With the beginning of the season of the active sun, becomes common and allergic to the sun, which is manifested in the form of spots and itching most commonly occur on the forehead, back and arms. In these cases, we must apply a special ointment, as this medication will not prevent reaction.

If more people analyzed their daily living environment, food, substances used in everyday life, and the change of habits, quite often they would come to the conclusion that it is not like the body.