Special energy of happy people

- Oksana, more generally, what's important is the right career choice? Is it only in order to choose a profession that matches the desires and abilities of the person, or may be some other purposes?

- We egoPERFECTUS believe that a career is not a specific point on the time coordinates of the person, but is rather a continuous process throughout life. He starts early enough, but then becomes inseparable from human life in General. It is believed that we work 8 hours a day 5 days a week. It is an illusion! People work more. But even if a person works 8 hours a day, work takes most of his adult life. And then the question arises: how do you feel about your work? It develops you or not? You like her or you're going to work through force? You see in his work a source of inspiration, or hate every minute that you spend at your workplace? All these questions are very important in order to understand in what direction you need to move. Recognize: to find a job is not difficult. Harder to find that job that will bring joy and develop human.

- It is necessary to reflect in adolescence, when before you the whole world is open, or the age is not important?

- Best of all, of course, to think about career choices in adolescence. Because the sooner people will understand what he is the soul, what is its unique abilities, in which area he has a genuine interest, so it is easier to go this way. And then the question of earnings will be resolved by itself. I'm sure that if people in life doing what he truly loves, then there is a special energy that attracts people. Of course, there are areas where there are very high earnings, but agree, it's hard to measure in money the happiness doing things you love.

Wheel career: not only the reality but also dreams

- Often, the career choice of young people is this: go to the University, where the competition is smaller, or be an economist, but we'll see, I'll go or not. It's wrong?

- We egoPERFECTUS believe that it is wrong. There is a wheel of career choice, which has three equivalent parts. One of them is a reality. What is it? This is the environment that surrounds us. Something that, despite the dreams and plans, it is necessary to be considered. For example, how much I can earn in this profession. Or whether to make a career in this field. And finally, will I be able to get an education in this profession in Latvia - in the case that there is no possibility to study in a foreign University. There are many peculiarities, including a simple thing to understand, and that really is the chosen profession and what profession education can lead to. Not all young people, giving the documents to the University on the economic program, imagine, and what actually the work of an economist what he does in practice and where to work after graduation. As a result, young people are going the path of least resistance and eventually receive diplomas, which can then simply be folded on the shelf. According to our data, about 80% of young people and 99% of parents choose their profession on the basis of reality.

- But maybe it's not so bad? Because in this world money play not the last role.

- This is important, of course, but not only based on financial issues should be based career choice. There are two other sectors-wheel career choices that are associated with abilities and desires. We ask young people - what you like, what you breath, what is your passion? It is important to find out what abilities the young man and what he does best. When a person builds a career not only through the material factor, but also through emotions and feelings, his life will be much more harmonious.

12 professions to choose

- In this case, the most important question - how to find your ability, your passion or propensity for a particular profession?

- This will help our career test egoCOMPASS. It is designed in the UK and is unique among career tests. Most of the existing career tests check solely the interests of young people to anything. But this is just one component. There are more abilities and features of the person - that other tests just don't consider, but our test reveals this is mandatory.

During testing, all three areas - interests, abilities and personal qualities - combined with each other. The end result test egoCOMPASS 12 shows occupations that fit the person according to his unique qualities and inclinations, and in what areas he can improve and become a professional. We recommend that you do not just consider the young man suggested the profession, but also to feel the reality - find out what's behind these professions. Plus the test offers additional or associated professions, which can also be considered as appropriate. This list gives us us a basis for drawing up a list of programs in universities - they will lead to those professions that test shows as the perfect for a person.

- This test is best done at what age?

- Test egoCOMPASS you can do with the 15 years, but if we are talking about young people looking for a favorite profession, then take the test in grades 9-11 . Why is it important to do it at school age? The test results will help young people to choose subjects for further in-depth study to be more effective to move toward the goal. In addition, egoCOMPASS helps to determine the best and most comfortable learning environment that is most suitable for a young man. For example, there are universities research format - there are a lot of lectures, exams, and less design work. There are universities of applied Sciences that focus on the acquisition of practical knowledge and experience. With test you can find out where the best place to learn person with specific personality traits. If the young person is low verbal ability, but highly developed ability of perception of numbers, graphs, figures, it can be hard to learn in the academic University. But studying for 3-5 years is one of the main stages of her career, and it is very important to make it exciting and useful to humans.

Test with homework

- If egoCOMPASS so serious, and testing is time-consuming?

- Yes, this should be ready for testing long and serious. The test takes about 4 hours. A week later we get the analysis of the test result on 16 pages, it contains detailed information about abilities, interests, personality type and character traits, career "tree", a list of the 12 most suitable professions, the list of destinations in University list of school subjects on which to focus.

When the results obtained egoCOMPASS, the customer receives a professional career counselor. Usually young people come to these meetings with their parents. And we all sit together and analyze the test results. Usually such a meeting takes approximately 2 hours.

First, we tell, where did those test results that underlies it - to both children and parents understand the essence of testing. Secondly, we have dealt in detail with the analysis of test - ability, personality, interests. Viewed the proposed profession, discuss them. And finally, we answer those questions that initially come to us young people. For example, in what country could you learn? Which school would you recommend in Latvia? What you need to achieve your goal? What qualities will help?

Finally, we give homework after the test, that is the next step that needs to be done. In other words, how to work with the information that you received.

- What are the recommendations?

-For example, to deal with a particular profession to find out what it is. Perhaps to introduce some new habits for yourself to develop the already identified ability. For example, one girl's test revealed a penchant for design, but it showed a high verbal ability that it is practically not used. We have developed a plan to her verbal ability to develop and fix. We say, that a man should pay attention to achieve your career dreams. But the ability to realize this dream people are looking for themselves.

How to change your life

- With young people everything is clear, and there are older people who would have this career test?

- Came to us many adults who've been egoCOMPASS. Among other things it allows you to understand where your strengths are, how to use them correctly at work, and in accordance with this knowledge to allocate tasks in the team. And sometimes it turns out amazing things! Put in command a person performs work which is mainly focused on the result, but the test shows that this man really is the generator of ideas. And it's best he gets. A small hard work does not bring him no inspiration, no result. It's a little "death" to an employee! But when you consider the results egoCOMPASS, it is possible to distribute the work team so that all employees will be in their places, and the overall result of this will only get better.

Came to us adults who in any age has faced this problem. They seem to be successful, earn money and want to do something else. But what? They come to us for the answer to this question. Sometimes egoCOMPASS shows that in fact people should do something else. That is, ideally it needs to do something other